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Over 1,000 items with pictures and growing.(like a dragon-weed)


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It’s pretty simple, we’ve got some very unique items in the catalog.  Feel free to browse, drop us a line if you're curious and have more questions, or just place the item in your shopping cart and order the piece.

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Apparel/Accessories - Mostly T-shirts, but some clothing items from Nepal, hats & bags.

General Dragon and Fantasy Books

Boxes/Containers - Pocket Dragon Trinket Boxes, Wooden Boxes, Bone Boxes & More...

Calendars/Stationary -- No calendars this year. Sorry. However, we do have Pocket Dragon cards, our very own Dragon Dreams cards, letter openers, pen sets, postcards, etc.

Candles -- Lots of 'Em. Click Here!

Decorative Housewares -- This category holds a variety of items from vases to plates to teapots. Most of the dishes are here, some of the snuff bottles (so we aren't perfect), decorative items like castles or wall plaques or statuary. Water globes are here and some items that you might consider to be figurines. If you have trouble finding an item, try our handy search engine.

Figurines -- Metal -- Of course we have lots of pewter dragons, wizards, unicorns, and castles. Most of the major lines are represented, Gallo, Rawcliffe, Comstock, Pewter Images (hand-painted), Belle Haven, Mobex, Masterworks and Spoontiques. Other popular figures are bronzes by Butch Honneck and the Tudor Mint line.

Figurines -- Non-Metallic --This includes all of the porcelains, the molded resins, the clay figures, carved stone, glass figures, etc. Pocket Dragons by Real Musgrave, Enchantica, Krystonia, Dragons & Wizards by Hap Henriksen, Spellbound, Myths and Legends, Windstone, Gothic Legends, Westland's new Dragons of the Elements, and more.

Incense Burners/Smoking Items -- Not a big category, but it contains incense and incense burners, a few lighters and smoking accessories, etc.

Jewelry -- Just what you would expect, pendants, necklaces, earrings, rings, etc. Mostly silver. Some gold. Some with stones and crystals. Mostly with dragons, but other things represented as well. We sell a lot and the items on hand change a lot. One of the advantages of being in the shop rather than on the internet, is that you get to see everything. We will keep the more popular items that can be kept in stock on the page.

Kaleidoscopes -- Another item that is best seen to be appreciated, but we'll keep a few on the page just in case you have to have one and can't get here.

Magnets & Keychains -- Guess what, they feature dragons and fantasy and a few crystals.

Music Boxes/Windchimes/Other Musical -- Pretty well self-explanatory.

Other/Miscellaneous -- Couldn't find it in any other category?? Maybe it is here?? Maybe on purpose like the Oriental Health Balls or the accessories for setting up little scenes with the Pocket Dragons or the swords and weapons (they probably should be in their own category, but I didn't even carry them for a long time). Or maybe by goof-up, like the calligraphy sets (which should be in stationary) or the carved fossil ivory stick-pins which should be in jewelry). Oh, well. Makes the HUNT more exciting.

Ornaments -- The New Pocket Dragon Ornaments, traditional European blown glass ornaments from Polonaise, and a few others.

Prints/Pictures/Posters -- You get the picture !! Couldn't resist that. Includes the Fantasy prints of Jody Bergsma as well as an assortment of others.

Stained Glass/Suncatchers -- Another small category.

Thimbles -- Our tiniest category, but I decided to leave it in. Never can tell when we'll get in a boatload of dragon thimbles.

Craft Kits & Supplies -- Counted Cross Stitch Patterns and Kits.

Fountains -- What else... Fountains! (water not included.)

Toys & Games -- Stuffed dragons, puppets, wooden pull toys and, and, ..... You had just better come for a visit if you want to see everything. It may take YEARS to get it all in the computer and we'll always have things in the shop that are not in the computer.

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