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Dragons have been drawn, painted, and carved; talked about, featured in stories, legends, and songs; loved, honored, hated, and feared for thousands of years. 

Welcome to Dragonvet.com, the online home of Dragon Dreams Museum and Gift Shop in Chattanooga, Tennessee! It’s about Fantasy, Fun, Dragons, and the people who love them.  There are lots of fun things to do while you are here, like visit our Dragon Museum, and get a taste of what it is like to house thousands of pieces of artwork, collector items, artifacts and memorabilia, all with Dragons!  You may also go shopping on-line with our gift shop, “Inspired By Dragons” . You can even check out some of the upcoming events on our Calendar! So, grab a cup of joe, (or a Coke) and come inside the world of Dragon Dreams, a place we call home.

At Dragon Dreams, not only do we have a One-of-a-Kind Dragon Museum, we have a One-of-a-Kind gift shop too, it’s called “Inspired By Dragons”.  Here you will find products like Pocket Dragons by Real Musgrave, Windstone Dragons by M. Pena, hard-to-find Enchantica from England, Hap Henriksen's Dragons and Wizards, Dragon Skulls and Fantasy Art, and hand painted Russian Nesting Dolls-with fantastic dragon slayers, signed by the artist and shipped directly to you!

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